Welcome to my page!!!

This spring is our 1st full year of experience with, coop building, incubating, hatching, breeding, and loving backyard chickens!!!!


I know, right! How could I resist. We had a three eggs incubator and this one was an egg gifted to us from our dear friends the Perinnes.
Hatched on March 28th 09.
Father Araucana/Mother Araucana

Of course we could not stop there so:

thanks to Peace of Thyme

Out of this hatch we had one roo and three hens!
So, now our love for Barnevelders has begun!!! They were low on the pecking order so over the last 6 months we have sent off the mixes from our first three batches from the hovobator! (the three eggs bator did not last long! HEHEHEHE

Here is our sweet Nicodemus

This is Crysalite. Nicko likes her! Thus the apron...

I need a new camera. This one does not show the depth of her double lacing.

Yes the apron is hand made. If you don't have the time to make these I can do it for you. Pm me.

The HUGE green egg is from our Australorp/Araucana cross, the sm. cream is from our bantam leghorn/golden sex link.

We do sell some hatching eggs. We are also thinking of selling chicks and started pullets on pickup...so feel free to PM me for info...