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  1. Fluffers
    Hi! Fluffers here!
    I've been on BYC for i think 3 years maybe?Well, I've never made a page of my flock,so I'm gonna go ahead and make one for ya!
    The First chicken,was probably the first one i picked out at the store, Fluffy. If Fluffy where alive to see this,she would be 5 years old.Fluffy was the nicest chicken of the 1st generation,though,she wouldn't just sit in your lap,Fluffy was also called Fluffers,and she
    inspired my username :)

    Fluffy as a chick
    Next,is Fluffy's "Sister",Tweeter. Tweeter is still alive, 5 years old.She is a very beautiful bird,but she is very wild! and she is probably the fastest runner in the flock. She is skinny,light,and in her lifetime has probably gone broody 6 times.I got Fluffy and Tweeter the same day and "Tweeter Tots" Loves tomatoes!She will sneak in the garden any chance she gets and pick tomatoes of the plant!(only red ones she knows differance)
    [​IMG] about 3 in this 2 pics[​IMG][​IMG]tweeter as achick
    Then,the Barred rocks.The barred rocks we didn't get the same day as austrolorps,because they where out. so they are a week apart but i still consider them the first generation.Snowy,who also has passed,was my favorite at first.but she wasn't very nice. She once was top of the pecking order,but Tweeter took that spot.She loves green beans,and would also be five.

    [​IMG]she was about 2 in this pic[​IMG]her in [​IMG]
    Then, Feathery.she is alive today and well.she loves peas,and sneaking into the duck pen to get their food.she is very cleaver,and the creator of the secret passage way in the Hen Pen!She loves free ranging and can deal with getting picked up.She is very smart .[​IMG][​IMG]Feathery on left[​IMG]
    Now,for the 2nd Generation of chickens
    Little Jerry. Little Jerry is very strange and adorable.She clucks with a low voice,and loves to be by me,and she will sit in your lap.Little Jerry is very heavy,and has some health issues.We saved her from past butt but it is coming back.She loves green beans and bread,she will steal it from the wild ducks when we feed them(all my chickens would die for bread)1 year old Buff orp.[​IMG]bottom center[​IMG]
    Sunshine,uh, hmm. VERY interesting creature.she will scratch at my shoe laces,like chickens do with dirt.She is at the bottom of the pecking order,and is always trying to put me on the bottom, so she will peck at me and she will draw blood(not always).She loves termites (when they fly around during late summer), and she can't see well so i hit them down with a badminton racket for her.She is a 1 year old Buff orp.

    [​IMG]next to Little Jerry[​IMG]
    Last but not least, Little Buff. Little Buff is the most shy chicken in my flock.She LOVES meat. when we eat steak,we will throw the bone outside and they will peck at it.She also loves crane flies,termites,spiders,yea. she is a 5 year old buff orp and hates to be picked up.She will, if you are laying in the grass come over to you and lay down too,(and little Jerry) as long as she doesn't get touched.I have pics on my phone, but i'm using my computer. maybe i will edit this on my phone, but here she is in this photo,she is in the back next to Feathery and above Sunshine[​IMG] .
    ~Random Flock pics~

    [​IMG]best friends

    snowy[​IMG] [​IMG]Tweeter

    [​IMG] Little Jerry [​IMG]
    Feathery and Tweeter

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Fluffy

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Fluffy and Feathery


    [​IMG] THANK YOU! [​IMG]

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    Your birds are beautiful! 8^O
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      I was using the 8 as eyes even then. XD
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      Yeah XD
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  2. Fluffers
    found a pic of Little Buff, so i edited it in :)
  3. Fluffers
  4. ChickenPeep
    This is adorable! Your birds are beautiful :)
  5. Fluffers
    thank you!
  6. hashworld
    beautiful chickens:)

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