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    about 1 week old:

    7 weeks old
    14 weeks old:

    19 weeks old:


    Sugar and Spice at 22 weeks - Such social butterflys, it's hard to get them alone. They are now laying light brown eggs. Spice started laying at 21 weeks of age and has not missed a day yet. She has layed 1 egg per day for 16 days in a row now. Sugar started several days later and is trying to catch up.
    chickenseggs005.jpg chickenseggs001.jpg

    Our first three Easter Eggers;

    Cleopatra Sparrow Pippin
    10-29-08_1530.jpg 10-29-08_1536.jpg 10-29-08_15332.jpg
    7 weeks old -- Sparrow (top left) - Cleopatra (top right) - Pippin (bottom)

    Cleopatra (far left) & Sparrow (far right) - 15 weeks old Pippin, dustbathing - 14 weeks old
    newchickens005-1.jpg newchickens001.jpg
    Cleopatra - 18 weeks Pippin - 18 weeks
    gardenchickens008.jpg gardenchickens0111.jpg
    Both Cleopatra & Pippin are EE pullets and have similar coloring, but have a big difference in comb type (Pippin has the 3 row pea comb):
    Cleopatra - 19 weeks Pippin - 19 weeks

    gardenchickens004-1.jpg gardenchickens005.jpg
    gardenchickens004comb.jpg gardenchickens005comb.jpg
    Sparrow at 22 weeks of age - She just layed her first egg yesterday (23 weeks old) and it's a pretty bluish/green or mint color

    chickenseggs012.jpg chickenseggs002.jpg

    Pippin & Cleopatra at 21 1/2 weeks - Pippin has started to lay olive colored eggs. Pippin's comb at laying age - 21 1/2 weeks.
    gardenchickens002-5.jpg gardenchickens003-1.jpg

    a production red/rhode island red, named Merry (Merry & Pippin are characters in LOTR),

    1 week old
    7 weeks old (next to the the white leghorns)
    Production Red (hatchery RIR)- 18 weeks old - far right ---- She started laying at 22 weeks of age and is now laying pretty brown eggs.

    two barnevelders, Penny & Lacy;

    9 weeks of age

    Penny at 11 weeks of age Lacy (reddish chest) - 11 weeks of age
    barnevelder2-1.jpg Lacy1.jpg
    18 weeks of age (Penny's on the left, Lacy is on the right)

    Penny - 23 weeks Lacy - 22 weeks - note reddish chest

    gardenchickens013.jpg gardenchickens002-4.jpg
    Penny - 25 weeks old Lacy 25 weeks old

    chickenseggs0042.jpg chickenseggs003.jpg
    Penny - 25 weeks - shows the pretty lacing on her back


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