Frizzle Double Dose Frazzle Curlies

By nzpouter · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. nzpouter

    double dose/ frazzle/ curlies, Created by nzpouter
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    This page is created to show the effect of double dose/ homozygous F/F on a bird. The first 2 pictures shows how birds looks like in full feather, but, double dose of frizzling create a brittle feather condition which resulted in pic 3 by summer where most of the feathers have broken and deteriorate that the bird itself left with just quils on them (porcupine look). Never breed frizzle with frizzle.





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  1. just1morechick
    I ordered frizzles from McMurry and one of the little hens I have looks like this. Poor thing. I thought something was wrong with her. 2 other hens looked fine until recently. They have no feathers on their head and seem that they are loosing them on their body now. What do you think?
  2. Aceofspades
    I was given two serama hens that were double frizzled I feel sorry for the poor little things they are ugly with brittle feathers but I have them paired with a normal feathered rooster and they have had a 100% pretty frizzle hatch rate

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