Located 25 miles south and east of High Level, Alberta, Canada is the High Bluff Farm. It is a beautiful 320 acre piece of land with beautiful loam soil. Lots of trembling Aspen Poplar with patches of White Spruce. The farm house was originally a one room skid shack my father dragged over the Boyer River on logs and was built around. The continents most northerly farms are located here the weather goes to the extreme cold of winter to the hot dry summers. The days in the winter are short as sunset is usually around 4:30pm but during the summer it can be light til close to midnight during June. What results is a short but very good growwing season.
Raising poultry here is a real challenge as feed must be grown during the summer so a good harvest is a must. The birds are confined for long periods so to keep them requires alot of preparation.