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By gabrielle1976 · May 26, 2012 · Updated Dec 26, 2012 ·
  1. gabrielle1976
    I have the followig items to swap. Choose 2 to 3 items or 1 set of items.
    Movies pick 2
    [​IMG]Muppets and night with the kind are gone.
    [​IMG] Laurell K Hamilton are gone.
    Anne Mc Caffrey has been one of my favorit authers from the first book I read by her back in 3rd grade or so MOST of her books escpecally the Dragon rider books are lighter and much less graphic then most scifi fantasy authers and are ok for kids 6 grade and up or at the parents decisions/ descrection.
    [​IMG]No more Thomas
    Gently used kids books for various ages pick 2 or 3

    [​IMG]5 piece brush kit with hard plastic pink case, aquarium therm only goes to high 80s I think , A B C desk tape .

    [​IMG]Pattern for Old time dresses sizes 6-8-10

    \[​IMG]Scrap booking paper sevral large sheets and sevral smaller ones

    [​IMG] Alphabet stickers
    [​IMG] I have 2 pkg of these this one and one with differnt sayings.
    [​IMG]randome stickers
    [​IMG]Edger for scrapbooking paper and pictures and stuff
    [​IMG]I honestly have no idea what this is called but it has small pieces of two sided tape and you push it gently to paper to leave them in the corners so you can stick pictures and paper and stuff to things
    [​IMG]Sticker collections for canning pets cleaning yard work ect

    Tastefuly simple bbq skewers never used,

    Not pictured , sevral pre school and K abcs and numbers work books.

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