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By gabrielle1976 · Dec 31, 2012 · Updated Jan 1, 2013 · ·
  1. gabrielle1976
    How much diffrence is there in incubation methods, lets find out.

    Experment # 1
    The box and the light.
    For my first try with the box and the light I will be useing excess heat from my 3 week old seramas brooder light I figure they could use about 3 more weeks of some heat being as its still winter and cold so I can get double use , the drawback being the heat from this lamp is more likely to fry the eggs if I am not carefull and pay attention. Today I am setting it all up.
    *Plastic tub/basin that I got on a trip to the ER
    ( This is were everything goes )
    *Double bagged snack size ziplock bags partly full of water
    ( I filled 4 snack sized bags about 2/3rds full of warmish water then put them inside another bag , ended up useing 8 snack sized bags.)
    *Large storage bag to place the smaller bags into
    ( put the large bag inside the bucket then placed the 4 doublebaged bages side by side inside of the larger one that is inside the bucket)
    *Thermometer with cord and probe
    (placed this ontop of the bag inside the bucket)
    *Shelf liner
    (cut to the size of the inside of the bucket and laid ontop of the bag)
    *Small blanket
    (folded in half and sat the bucket on it, tucked it around the sides of the bucket)
    *Triple layer of snack bags halfway full of water to set in there as a water wigger to check temps with medical therms The therm pictured got fried some how and so I found two medical therms that are .1 diffrent from each other will see if those work .
    I am hopeing the water will keep the eggs warm on the bottom by holding heat.

    The serama are in the pet taxi , they get some heat from the light but are down to about 85 degrees so they dont mind haveing to share , so far I can get it to 102.5 a tad high right but if I raise it even an inch it drops to 95.5 so I think I will keep it the inch higher and then just cover part of it with a pieace of blanket . Im hopeing to get it steady by tammrow I want to start my first experment Jan 1st , just seems orderly that way.

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  1. gabrielle1976
    I checked the eggs and the two that looked bad last night died , so I am down to four. I will rehash this project later when I have a few more therms on hand.
  2. gabrielle1976
    I backed out of the experment . Some people are willing to risk the lives of the chicks in the egg for there experments I am not. I am not sure if its becuase I didnt turn very much cuase of everything going on or if the temp was too high or low but I lost 2 babies in 2 days and was down to 6 eggs , I checked them again last night and at least two more show what looks like disenagration of the viens and I coudnt see the babies , I put them all in my other incubator and I will check tongith and see if the others did die or not but Ill give them a chance. I will wait till I dont have so much going on and a few extra therms befor I try again..
  3. gabrielle1976
    I lost another egg im down to 6 it looks like. I have two other incubatorsrunning so I dont have an extra therm to use and the digital in the water wiggler thing didnt seem to work the eggs felt much warmer then the therm was regerstering. Next time I will have plenty more therms to go around.
  4. gabrielle1976
    Well to day is day 7 if you count the first day after you set or day 8 if you count the day you set. I candled tonight and had one dead egg with a blood ring no viens, 6 with viens but I could not see the embryo and 1 with viens and I could see the little embryo moveing around. I dont know if the rest are dying or if they just happen to be sleeping or in the middle of the egg where I cant see them.
  5. gabrielle1976
    Still working ok , still trying to brain storm how Im gonna get humidity in here when its hatch time.
  6. gabrielle1976
    Well I recandled them all tonight , probly shoudnt have but I wanted to recheck the one I wasnt sure about and I am delighted to report that even though they were older eggs and I am hatching them in a plastic bucket with a heat lamp and a blanket ALL 8 eggs showed good viening tonight. Im so excited that so far the experment is going well, I will have to come up with a way to up the humdidty come day 18 but I still have 12 days to figure it out .
  7. gabrielle1976
    Well I candled them tonight day 4 not counting the day I put them in and I see viens in 7 for shure , number 8 is a Im not sure and 4 of them I definatly could see little embryos. Not bad for 8 old serama eggs being incubated in a barfbucket with a heat lamp. We shall see if all contenues to do well. I will keep updated.
  8. gabrielle1976
    Exsposed to the light it gets to hot so I coverd the top with the blanket and it seemed to cool so I lowerd the lamp but left it covered . We shall see.
  9. gabrielle1976
    So far temps are hard to get perfect but do not fluctuate much once things are set the way you want them. Sey 8, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 week old eggs that got to old to shipp out to people. Around 1pm. I will candle them day 4, 8, 12, 16.

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