Getting Started: What you need for a GREAT chicken experience!

Don’t know what you need for your chickens? Well, you discovered the perfect article!
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    Chickens need A LOT! They need all this to stay healthy and live happily. This article is all about what you need for your flock. This is mostly to people new to the chicken business, but even chickens experts can still read this! Because, you never know, you may have not known that some of these exist, or you don’t have them yet!

    The Basic Supplies:
    A Feeder You will need a nice, big feeder. This will be the holder of your chickens yum yums. (A.K.A Feed.)There are many on the market. You can get medal or plastic. Medal is preferred though.
    A Waterer You can get big, you can get small. You can get plastic, or medal.
    Anyway this will hold your hens H2O. You can even make a waterer out of a livestock trough.

    A Nice, Big Coop When we say coop, we are talking about where the chickens live. You need at least 4sqf per bird. Make sure it’s predator proof. You definitely don’t want a fox eating your little ones, do you? See, The Cozy and Cool Coop.
    Bedding This is so you’re hens coop is comfy. You can get a lot of different brands of bedding.
    Quality Feed Make sure that the feed matches the purpose of your chicken. For instance if you are raising meat birds, then get feed made for meat birds. Make sure it’s not cheap, moldy, food. If so, don’t buy/use it. Make sure it’s free of mold and dust. And keep it in medal feed bins, to keep mice from eating it.
    Chickens DUH!!!

    Extra Fun Stuff:
    Hen Harness Basically a harness for your hen. Perfect for walks.
    Treats Lots and lots of treats. You can never have too much! Meal worms and fruit and veggies are perfect!
    A Swing I’m not kidding, it’s a thing. Chickens and Parakeets are now even.
    A See- Saw Literally, a thing. But, you have to have at least two chickens for best results!

    Well that’s all you need for your chickens along with even more stuff. (That was just the basics.) Any way, hoped this helped! Thanks!!

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    A see-saw? Really? Please post pics of this!

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