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By BBCHICKS123 · Jan 28, 2017 · ·
  1. BBCHICKS123
    Hi y'all
    I thought l would make an article on photography of chicken well let's gets started.
    Chickens/chicken [​IMG][​IMG]
    A camera[​IMG], phone or iPad[​IMG]really anything that can take pictures
    Good back ground or back drop[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    And last but not least patients
    Have food to "bribe" the chicken into the right position.
    Don't have something that will get soiled if it gets pooped on also wash your chickens feet if you are having a back drop.
    Make sure your camera is on the highest setting for speed.
    For a good backdrop l recommend rapping paper or white.
    For a natural background it's nice to do a photo shoot right after it snows or rains or it is very sunny those are my favorite.
    Be patient it might take awhile to get a perfect picture.
    I also recommend doing close up face shoots.
    I hope this has been helpful here are some of my pictures l have got using these techniques.
    These techniques are not just for chic[​IMG]

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  1. BBCHICKS123
    It's a app called youcam perfect
  2. ToniTalley
    hahaha, the brooklyn bridge one is priceless! Do you use photoshop or Gimp or ????
  3. summerb123

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