If you're in 4H like me... use this to learn more about your chicken breeds. That way when the judges ask you questions about your chicken's breed, you know!!! And for finding the information I recommend either the APA (american poultry association) Standard of Perfection book. OR my fav website... backyardchickens.com!!!
4H Poultry Homework Sheet #1: Getting to Know Your Bird and Diseases
Getting to Know Your Bird’s Breed
Sex (age):
Ideal Weights:
Primary Use as a whole breed (exhibition, meat, etc.):
Year Admitted to APA Poultry Standard of Perfection:
Place of Origin:
Brief History:
Three Other Varieties of Your Breed:
Four Other Breeds in Your Bird’s Class:
Two Specific Disqualifications for Your Breed:

***Additional Information:
*** Optional: any extra info that you feel is important that is not asked for on this sheet. This is a study guide to help you learn more about your breed. Feel free to add any additional info.