Getting To Know Your Breeds

By samnsuey · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. samnsuey
    If you're in 4H like me... use this to learn more about your chicken breeds. That way when the judges ask you questions about your chicken's breed, you know!!! And for finding the information I recommend either the APA (american poultry association) Standard of Perfection book. OR my fav website...!!!
    4H Poultry Homework Sheet #1: Getting to Know Your Bird and Diseases
    Getting to Know Your Bird’s Breed
    Sex (age):
    Ideal Weights:
    Primary Use as a whole breed (exhibition, meat, etc.):
    Year Admitted to APA Poultry Standard of Perfection:
    Place of Origin:
    Brief History:
    Three Other Varieties of Your Breed:
    Four Other Breeds in Your Bird’s Class:
    Two Specific Disqualifications for Your Breed:

    ***Additional Information:
    *** Optional: any extra info that you feel is important that is not asked for on this sheet. This is a study guide to help you learn more about your breed. Feel free to add any additional info.

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