Hey everybody!!!
I love chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goats... pretty much any type of animal!!! I have 14 crazy chickens, 3 spoiled dogs (Augie, Gracie, and Zoey), 1 evil cat (Suey), 1 guinea pig (Luey), 2 goats (Isola & Xavier), 5 horses (Jigsaw, Puzzle, Rainy, Flicka, and Chili) , an amazingly clever goldfish named "The Brain", and a White's tree frog (Hopper)! I love them all!
My chickens names are, Pepe (my 1 and only rooster), Peach, Pear, JoJo, Polka-dot, Sweetheart, Sienna, Blondie, Hammy, Robin, Maria, Tulip, Virginia, and Happy Feet! And since I know its not nice to pick favorites I'll just say my "coolest" bird is either Sweetheart or Hammy! (Sweetheart is a Japanese Bantam Cross; Hammy is an Ameracauna!) I named Hammy because she is an Ameracauna or Easter Egger... so she lays green eggs; like green eggs and HAM. Get it? And Sweetheart is my 4H showbird!!! She rocks!
I just love my chickens! They rule!!! Thank you guys!!

I'm getting my new chicks on February 23rd!!! I'm getting 9 Belgian D'uccles, 6 Japanese Bantams, 4 Belgian Antwerps, 9 Dutch Bantams, and 3 White Crested Black Polish!! (all bantams!) They are going to be my new showbirds for 4H; Sweetheart is getting a little old for the job at 7. =( I'll post pictures of my chicks when I get them!!! THANKS!!!