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Hello all this is my first try at raising chickens. I am a SAHM of 5 wonderfull children. we finally moved out in the country and i love it. I first was intrested in raising chickens when we went shopping and saw that the egg prices are getting higher and higher i thought it cant be that hard to raise chickens after all my uncle does it so why cant I. Ha Ha Ha that was a Big joke It takes alot to care for these little ones. I Quickly made a run to the library and found out it was harder than i thought. It is time consuming and i tip my hat to all of you who raise chickens i'm finding it fun to do i sit in the morning and whatch my chicks eat they like to eat out of my hand my huisband just nods and says they are our food right sure are!! I say . Today is 2-27-08 and my chicks are 3weeks and 3days old woohoo they do grow fast dont they well thanks for looking ill add more as i learn.... Gina
The chicken coop is done woohoo well almost done they slep in it last night i was a nervous wreck I checked on them atleast 5 times before i went off to bed. woke up early to see them all okay.

Heres a link to my garden page i havent started my garden this year I will have to wait till the coop gets moved http://www.theeasygarden.com/web/viewblog.php?id=5141