Gloria the glorious

By Handyhens · Nov 30, 2014 · ·
  1. Handyhens
    Oh Gloria, where to start?

    Gloria was hatched on May Nineteenth. She was two days old when we got her and her flockmates. All fluffy and yellow, it was hard, almost impossible to distinguish her from the other red sex links. When she got home, it was apparent that she was different from the other chicks. She was quite friendly and didn't run and hide whenever the big hands came to say hi. As she grew She became a camera hog :
    A patient soul
    ( Waiting for Hazel to lay her egg)
    She was the first to lay an egg and the eggs are always quite big for a pullet.
    ( her first eggs !)
    A few days ago she mysteriously broke her beak
    I will be updating this page with more photos and stories through the years.
    Hope you like it!

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  1. crazyfeathers
    I also have friendly black and red sex links. I don't name them because I can't tell them apart. Lol
  2. KrazyPluckr
    Maybe she pulled a fast escape? It's Really nice when a hen stands out amongst the others. I had a barred rock named Jujah who was quite friendly. She hung around a lot, liked helping me work on the equipment.

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