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handyhens little flock

  1. Handyhens
    Two years ago, I brought up getting chickens. My dad immediately vetoed it, but after many arguments, research and yard work, it finally happened. Five little chicks in a box.
    Meet the flock. (They are all four months old in the pics)
    This is Digger, an EE.
    Digger is a very sweet little girl, she is great with kids and loves to be pet.
    Diggers bff is Gloria, a RSL
    Gloria is very passive and will just sit there while you come to pick her up.
    Moonlight is a very shy EE. She can fly really well, and was the first to be able to flutter out of the brooder.
    These are the two wyandottes, Hazel and Ostarra
    Ostarra is the girl in the kids arms, and hazel is the one that looks like she was photographed at night.

    That is my flock! I will update with pics of the coop soon.

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