Glossary of Chicken Terms

By AustralorpsAU · Oct 15, 2016 · Updated Oct 30, 2016 · ·
  1. AustralorpsAU
    Have you just joined BYC and wondering what all these words are you have never heard before???

    Here you can find out the meaning of words you don't understand!

    Pullet - A pullet is a young female chicken under the age of one
    Cockerel - A cockerel is a young male chicken under the age of one
    Hen - A female chicken over the age one
    Rooster - A male chicken over the age of one
    POL - Is is pullet that is about the age of laying. Point Off Lay

    Incubator - A machine/device that you use to hatch chicks in!
    Brooder - A box/container/area that you use to grow your chicks in after they hatch
    Heat Lamp - A lamp for heating up a brooder to keep you chicks warm

    Comb - This is the fleshy growth above the beak and between the eyes of a chicken
    Wattles - These is the fleshy growth hanging down either side of the beak
    Saddle Feathers: These are feathers a rooster gets one his back and either side of his tail. They are often long, flowy and pointy. This is one way to determine the gender of a chicken.
    Vent: The vent is the chicken's bottom so as to speak. It's other name is Cloaca. This is where all the chickens poo comes out of as well as eggs (for hens)

    Please comment if there is a word you don't know and I have missed!

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  1. DancingWthDucks
    Maybe add where the crop is and what POL means?
  2. AustralorpsAU
    Thanks @penny1960 I will add some. What other areas should i add? Saddle feathers? Vent? etc
  3. penny1960
    how about different areas some have chooks verbiage from
    other areas

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