My Small Aussie Flock

By AustralorpsAU · Aug 16, 2016 · Updated Nov 8, 2016 ·
  1. AustralorpsAU
    Here are some pics of my small Australorp flock... and my one Ancona.
    These girls are now about 8-9 months old and pumping out those eggs.

    This is Nugget :)

    This is Teriyaki :):)
    This is them with the Ancona (the Ancona i thought was going to be a rooster because it comb is so humongous it has fallen sideways but we know she is a she because she lays us a nice white egg fairly often)

    And the newbies

    Blue (the blue pullet on the left. The black pullet hasn't been named)

    And the cockerel named Steel (the two blues together make Blue Steel[​IMG])
    And all together
    These guys are all 11 and a half weeks old!

    I really love my lorps. Hopefully in the future i can start my own little business selling some chickies or eggs ect.

    Thanks for reading everybody

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