Goats 2

By chicknjane · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. chicknjane
    In April 2010 we added two darling little Nigerian Dwarf does, Martini and Peekaboo. In December 2010 we added a Nigerian Dwarf buck, Prince Alex. Then, in February 2011, we added a a tennessee fainting goat doe, Delilah. On May 25th 2011, I brought home two Nubian wethers, Newbie and Mooby. In June, we had a single buckling born out of a breeding between M artini and Alex, Sir Scoucher. Finally, since no one would let me sell Scoucher, we brought home two more nigerian dwarf does, Azalia and Indy, to be bred to Scoucher. We've had two fatalities which left us broken hearted and almost ready to give up on raising goats, but then we spend a few minutes with them and they remind us why we got them in the first place.

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  1. MollyAngel
    How can I convince my dad to get me Nigerian Dwarf does? I love goats and want some really badly! Any ideas?
  2. Chickengirl47
    Wow! Now how many goats do you have? (and pritty names!)

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