Golden Girls Hen House (5'x4')

By MEMama3 · Jun 28, 2013 · ·
  1. MEMama3
    This is my Golden Girls Hen House. I wont go into all the details on how I built it (trust me, do it right - not "I think if I put this here the roof wont collapse"), but I figured I would focus on the interior layout as well as give you some ideas on how to run with a theme.

    My daughter and I were trying to come up with cute chicken names. We both love the Golden Girls, so we figured we'd go that route. Not wanting ordinary names like Sophia and Rose, we played up the last names with a chicken theme. Our coop currently houses Sophia Pecktrillo, Blanche Nevercreaux, Dorothy Zbornchick, Rose Egglund and Graycie Blue (I know, not Golden Girls themed, but we wanted more than 4 chickens).

    I started with a shed/lean-to style coop. It measured 5' wide and 4' deep. All of it was built with reclaimed items. I got started the moment I found an old wooden window in my parents' yard, buried under a bunch of leaves.

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  1. CarolinaHens
    Pictures please

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