Gone Too Soon...

By The Angry Hen · May 17, 2017 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen

    Tonight, I lost my first rooster Rusty.
    He just turned six years old on Mothers Day.

    It was hard seeing him,
    his crown was worn and his nails choppy.

    He was just crowing the other day.
    We love you Rusty. We wish it was curable.

    Circulation issues was his sickness,
    he was not fertile. When my Dad used to say:
    "Is Rusty a good boy?" He shook his head.

    He sat on my Dad's lap,
    Rusty has been through a lot,
    he watched other chickens grow and have babies too.

    I really miss him.
    This night we were praising him,
    saying: "Rusty is a special rooster."

    He died too young...

    Rest in peace Rusty, rest in peace my old friend.

    I love you, every time you crowed, you made the sun shine.

    -The Angry Hen also your mother.

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    The Angry Hen
    When and if you fall, you learn how to catch yourself. When and if you break, you learn how to heal yourself. Whenever you give up, you lose. When you don't give up, you learn to win. When you learn, you learn for life.

    You have to learn to live!
    So; Keep on Learning!



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  1. DuckPro
    Aww I'm so sorry! :hugs:hit
    He looked like a lovely rooster!
    It really touches my heart when I read this!
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    1. The Angry Hen
      Aw, thank you so much!! That is so nice to hear! You are such a good friend! :hugs
  2. sassysarah
    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss!:hugs:hit:hit
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    1. The Angry Hen
      Aw, thank you SO much Sarah!!!! :hugs
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    2. sassysarah
      You are welcome!
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    3. The Angry Hen
  3. Whittni
    Sorry for your loss, he'll live on in memory.
      sassysarah123 and The Angry Hen like this.
    1. The Angry Hen
      That you! That he will!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  4. Texas Kiki
    Sorry for you loss.:hugs
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    1. The Angry Hen
      Thank you KikisGirls!

      It was sad, he died too soon.
      He is in my heart now.

      Excluding all his health issues,
      he lived longer than I expected.

      -The Angry Hen
      KikisGirls likes this.

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