Today I am anxiously awaiting 6 eggs to hatch I did a staggard incubation. I startd out w 11 eggs from my mixed flock!
1.) Blood ring tossed Set Aug3
2.) Made it all the way to day 16 then died and on day 19 and my broody tore open the egg
Set Aug 3
3.) still going (BR/Brown leghorn cross) set Aug 3 hatched! 9pm 8/24 !
4.) in fertile
5.) still going (RIR/BLH Cross) Set Aug 4 hatched about 3pm on8/25 !
6.) one of the other hens crushed while sharing nest box day 19 (BR/BYCross) Set Aug 4

7.) still going (leghorn/BLH Cross) Set Aug 5 Hatched about 3pm 8/26!
8.) still going (BR/BLH Cross) Set Aug 5 hatched about 1am 8/26!
9.) Blood ring tossed
10.) in fertile
11.) still going (RIR/BLH Cross) Set Aug 6 hatched about 3pm 8/27!
I started these eggs in bator after setting them I noticed on 8/13 my white rock was broody trying to hatch out golf balls! LOL so I gave her the 7 eggs out of bator. Here we are in count down today is day 18, 19, & 20 and seems like everything is good! So we'll see! On 8/24 I brought my broody and eggs into house to seperate her since 2 eggs have now been crushed

And here is daddyI believe he is a Brown Leghorn Cross!

1 st baby born 8/24/2010 around 9pm estrn. Is from my BR hen and daddy is Brown leghorn cross I believe is a pullet due to markings!
here is another pic!born from egg # 3 8/25 egg # 5 hatched out this baby # 2! baby # 3 from egg # 8 all 3 together from left to right Chick # 2, #3, #1 OH! and chick # 3 is a cockrel markings on head, the other 2 are pullets! For sexing tips go to "The Chook Shed" http://www.users.on.net/~greggles/sexing.html Chick # 4 here snuggling
last egg to hatch #5 daddy heard peeps and had to see nosey
I have another 18 eggs in bator that will have a hatch date of Sept 12, 2010
LOL I can't get enough my husband thinks I'm crazy he rolls his eyes everytime I talk about them ! LOL He says "you're really bored"
here is answer to picture from home page