There are a lot of new poultry enthusiasts, and it is GREAT that so many of you have found your way to BYC… it is an amazing social network. If you are new to buying and incubating eggs you NEED to be aware of the risk you are taking. To some of us this is common knowledge, but to the new people I feel it is not undersood.
I wanted to write a disclaimer for my hatching eggs, but after researching other disclaimers online. I really wanted to say everything that these other people already said…. so I am quoting several other disclaimers below….
Happy reading. Kat

lack of development does NOT equal infertility - Msbear

There is NO Guarantee of hatchability when you purchase fertile eggs through the mail or in person. There is a reasonable expectation for your eggs to arrive intact; not broken or cracked, and that they are actually fertile or at least EXTREMELY likely to be fertile. There is no way for breeders to test each egg for fertility prior to shipping, most fertile egg sellers take time to incubate & hatch from their own supply regularly to verify fertility. It is safe to assume that if their eggs are hatching, that all or most of the eggs will be fertile. If your experienced you can also check for fertility by cracking a few of the eggs and taking a good look at the yolk. By checking some of the eggs for fertility it’s safe to assume all or most of the eggs will be fertile.

Although hatching eggs are assumed fertile, be aware that NO hatching eggs are guaranteed to hatch. There are too many factors involved on both sides of the fence. Please be aware of the risks of buying hatching eggs through the mail.
Understand that YOU, the buyer, bears ALL the responsibility for your purchase of hatching eggs!!!

There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. Please buy only if you are willing to risk that they may not hatch. Your eggs can be rendered infertile, be damaged during shipping, or subject to temperature extremes. These are issues beyond my control and are an inherent risk of mailed hatching eggs.
You agree you will not eat the eggs as they are not food grade. You acknowledge that when gathered and mailed to you, the eggs may have contaminants on them. You should wash your hands before and after handling the eggs. DO NOT WASH THEM. You further accept there may be delays in mailing or processing.
Also, I am not responsible for any loss incurred by your purchase. If you cut your hand on the box, if you claim the eggs had some sort of disease on them, if the birds hatch and kill your other birds, if an alien hatches from the eggs and eats your barn, if the birds have a communicable disease, if you are injured in any way, if the egg explodes and blows the lid of your incubator through a window, or knocks you on the head, if you suffer any losses in any way as the result of buying my products, you agree to hold me harmless.
You should print out this disclaimer and keep it. Last edited February 28, 2011
Guarantees. There are none. Please read the full page. I want your return business. I want you to tell folks how great the hatching eggs were. I value a good reputation in this or any other business. A man is only as good as his word. I take pride in my word. However, there is a risk involved. I will do what I can to make things right, but I don't know what you use for an incubator. Maybe you forgot to turn the eggs. Maybe they were damaged in transit. Maybe the Department of Homeland Security X-rayed the package. I believe the USPS is the best in the world, by far. Things happen however. Machines toss boxes, crush them, shake them. They could be left in extreme temperatures for extended periods.
In the wild, a bird lays an egg where she broods it. She does not lay the egg in one place and roll it to another. Lots of movement can render an egg useless as it will rupture the internals.
No matter how well any eggs are packed, you will probably never have a 100% hatch. To tell you otherwise would be a lie. I don't lie. I don't need to. Further, on occasion, the girls don't cooperate fully. They are living creatures. This results in delays. If this happens I stop taking orders immediately by removing the PAYPAL button. Once I feel secure everyone has their eggs, I will start again.

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Disclaimer: Although we strive to provide you with the highest quality hatching eggs available, we do not guarantee fertility or hatchability. In addition, although we ship the eggs in the most effective manner necessary to help ensure that the eggs arrive in good condition, it is important to note that shipping can greatly reduce the hatchability of eggs.

Hatching Eggs:
We typically offer hatching eggs on auction only. If you have never bought or sold hatching eggs before,
we recommend you do some research on the pros and cons of it before hand.
We will package the eggs carefully
We will send some extras along just in case but once the box leaves our hands, it is out of our control.
We make NO guarantees on hatching eggs--they are a gamble.
Sometimes you have a decent hatch, sometimes you don't.
We won't be held responsible for rough handling by the USPS because someone "spent a lot of money on those eggs".
The post office doesn't care how much you spent on them. (Hattrick)

We do not guarantee your hatch after shipping of eggs. Due to circumstances beyond our control after the eggs leave our hands such as rough handling by Postal Service employees, incubator errors or buyer errors.

Due to a handful of recent scenarios, I'd like to reiterate what most of us already know, some of us do not and some... just forget.

Even the freshest eggs, under ideal conditions don’t always develop and hatch

and lack of development does NOT equal infertility.
I sell the exact same eggs to you that I would put in my own incubator
I do my best to package your eggs carefully and send extras when available
Once the leave my home, I am no longer responsible for your eggseggs
Read that again please – “Once the leave my home, I am no longer responsible for your eggs“eggs
Please know that YOU bear all the risk and responsibility when buying hatching eggs

I cannot replace eggs that are mishandled in shipping, or do not hatch due to incubating error and human error…. or acts of God J
Hatching eggs are a cost efficient option compared to buying live birds.
If you want a guarantee, buy birds. live