Old Building: This was a child's playhouse, with a swing-set on the left and a sandbox on the right of the building.
We removed the swings and fenced in the area under the swing set. At the base of the fence we put chicken wire on the ground and secured it with some large logs to keep predators out.
The sandbox on the right side of the building is about 10 foot square.
The upstairs room was full of bee nests.... even the peacocks didn't like going up there.

Signature Silkie Coop
The building is behind my house, I can see it from the kitchen and my bedroom. It is a shaded area of the yard. It only gets sun for about an hour a day in the summer time.
I plan on fencing in the area under the deck for another outdoor yard.
We put a new floor in upstairs and the bee nests are gone. I plan on keeping extra cages, feeders and supplies up there.

I have 4 Lab Cages on a shelf that I can use for chicks, sick birds, and even breeding pairs.
I traded a peacock for SEVEN of these lab cages..... what a GREAT trade!


It is still a work in progress, but Im very happy with it so far....
what a difference a coat of paint makes!

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