Welcome to my Adventures in Hatching!
Hi! I've been setting and hatching eggs here *almost* weekly since 0ct. '05, but never kept a hatching journal. It's about time I started.
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Lots to catch up on!

Hatched 10/15
Set a new group of 44 eggs 10/21:

The 14 brownies tagged w/ green dot are Silver Laced Wyandotte eggs from Candace (pamperedpoultry). They all looked great on arrival except one had a wobbly air cell.
The eggs tagged 1,2,3,4 were set the 2nd --- a turkey from Nancy (bargain) and three from my double crested Pekin duck pen. They need to go to hatcher... Oops, today!
Had a group hatch 10/23.

Button Quails, more Cuckoo green-eggers, NN Frizz green-eggers, and a couple of Ameraucana ().another less-than-satisfactory hatch, but hatching this time of year is always tough here

This hatch (set 9/24) is STILL not done! I moved the live chicks to a brooder this morning. Not quite sure what went wrong other than possibly uneven temperatures in the still-air LG.

Was cleaning out the dead chicks (hatched with yolks unabsorbed) and was about to start tossing the remaining eggs. Flipped off the light to candle them and there are live chicks in quite a few of the eggs. I hate a draggy hatch.
Candled the 64 set 10/12 and pulled 6 clears --- 2 Silkie, 2 Ameraucana and 4 Naked Neck bantam (not sure what's going on with the NB roo, he might be getting lazy about covering all his girls).
That leaves 7 Naked Neck bantam, 3 Campine, 13 Cuckoo green-eggers, 6 Silkie, 4 Serama, 2 Mottled Cochin, 3 Naked Neck Frizzle green-eggers, 18 Ameraucana due to hatch 11/2.

Hatch has begun! First chick out is a splash from the Frizzle pen, yaay! Lots of pips.

Had a revelation today about my early hatchers. I don't open the LG with turner and fan except to add water every few days. Makes sense those would hatch earlier than those in a still air incubator that has to be opened frequently to turn eggs. I almost always (until recently) start eggs in the incubator w/ fan and turner for the first week and if I need the space, move them to the still-air to finish.
This bunch hatching today has been in the still-air and hand turned from the beginning. It looks like they are going to go the full 21 days for a change.

Let's start with what's in the incubators now (the good, the bad, and the dirty).

These were set 9/24 and moved to a hatcher this morning.
6 Naked Neck Frizzled green-eggers, 2 silkie feathered green-eggers, 4 Cuckoo green-eggers, 3 Ameraucana, 3 Silkie, 5 Naked Neck bantam, 2 Frizzle, 1 mottled Cochin --- all were twitching and wiggling when I candled this morning.

.Another LG (the one w/fan and turner) has eggs set 10/2
This one has 6 Silver Campine, 5 Naked Neck Frizzle green-eggers, 13 Cuckoo green-eggers, 3 Ameraucana, 1 Mottled Cochin, 3 crested Pekin, 3 Turkey, and 8 Button Quail (set 10/08).

. They were shipped and didn't handle the trip well. I'll give them a few more days to be sure.The egg marked FA is from my Frizzled *Ameraucana* pen and was not fertile. The Turkey eggs, I'm afraid are not growing either
It's so cute that the little BQ eggs fit 2 to a cup:

...and if that wasn't enough...
This morning I filled another still-air LG --- maxxed it with 64 eggs!
11 Naked Neck bantam, 3 Campine, 13 Cuckoo green-eggers, 8 Silkie, 4 Serama, 2 Mottled Cochin, 3 Naked Neck Frizzle green-eggers, 20 Ameraucana.

Thanks for reading. More updates later.