Hello, from Paddock 36 in Marion County - Ocala, FL.
I truly have "Back Yard Chickens".....and I want more!
Time to feed the chickens!!!

I started with just a simple A-frame tractor and a few chickens for eggs, which was 3 RIR, 1BO, 1 Red Comet, and 1 Barred Rock (which turned out to be a rooster, so he had to go). This is how we started.....
Things have changed quite a bit and I have had several different breeds of chicken. Currently I have Black Australops, a white Orphington, a Turken, two white Americana hens, and a Red Laced Blue Wyandotte.
So here are some pictures of some of our girls and a roo from past and present.

Baby Serama's (but not Serama eggs)

Another hobby I have​

My son Erich's artwork. AMAZING!

The original girls Seramas (that I used to have)

Because of this addiction we have also had in the past Seramas, Japanese Bantams, Turkeys, Button Quail, Frizzled Cochens, Polish, Silkies and Ducks. Some of the chickens that we have had my boys have shown in 4 H. Here are some more pictures........
Splash Frizzled Cochin Black Frizzled Cochin

Blue Silkie Hen White Silkie Showgirl

Baby Showgirl chick

As far as other pets, we have 1 Dachshounds, 1 Certified Florida Blackdog named Jack (got him from the pound and he is the greatest), 1 cat that I despise named Smokey (it's my husband's cat) but I affectionally call the cat "Punt", 2 Snakes, 1 African Grey Parrot, Fish, and partridge in a pear tree. (Ok, no partrige or pear tree.)

Sassy ....&.... Jack

......and since everyone loves baby chicks here is a picture of two of my three little chicks, Erich and C.J., the oldest chick has left the nest.

........ And to continue with my Chicken Addiction here is my homemade incubator with eggs inside of course.

This is one of my hobbies that doesn't involve chickens, well sort of.
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