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By Vinnygret · Jun 24, 2014 · ·
  1. Vinnygret
    I joined this forum because two young chickens appeared in my backyard a few days ago. In general, I like chickens. I don't know where the girls came from, but they don't have full combs yet. I put down water for them in a shallow container and they drink it. They eat discarded seeds under my birds feeder (I kind of like all birds). THey are very pleasant young ladies. I guess I should mention that I live in housing development. An oldish neighborhood without oppressive rules and no HOA. I'd love to encourage the girls to stay around - they eat a lot of bugs. There is a large evergreen bush that they hang out near. Any information or suggestions are welcome and I will get a picture of them up. Thanks.

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  1. jackiezim
    I used an old dog crate for awhile. I put an old table cloth over it at night to give them some coverage.
  2. Chickenchick11
    Hello and welcome to backyard chickens![​IMG] Feel free to look around and check out some articles. Could you post some pictures of the birds? You said they aren't laying yet so they need either a chick starter feed or a chick starter/grower feed. If you live where the weather is fairly mild you could make a small coop. If you don't build much then you could make a simple coop with a frame made out of 1x2s or 2x2s with a roof and sides made out of a tarp. Or just google how to make a easy chicken coop.

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