Help! pecked and sunburnt hen!

By fawkestheman · Aug 19, 2014 · ·
  1. fawkestheman
    Im an owner of a 12 chicken flock, started last year with 8 and added 4 chicks this year. when my little bantam who always got pecked went broody in april and we had to remove her from the flock, my 6 other hens started pecking her like mad. dusty (the chicken who gets pecked) looked awful and had a terribly red bald back bloody and scabby. then we noticed tiny eggs, shell-less eggs and a combo of both and noticed a huge gash running from the top of her tail to her vent. we removed her from the flock to our garage and cleaned it out and kept ointment on it. it was deep and bad, we thought wed lose her but she made a miraculous recovery but still has the bad back. she's been back with our flock since june and we haven't really tended to her. now i noticed its also sunburnt and am really worried. i don't know the best way to heal her and if i should remove her from the flock again or what! PLEASE HELP!

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  1. One Chick Two
    Blue Kote works great- we use it often for sunburned spots and small cuts that have a tiny bit of scab. There is a liquid version that works great too as it seem concentrated, but is very messy and stains if you get it on yourself. This can wear off in a few days to a week- usually, feathers can stain longer. You often have to apply more than once usually, but it is worth it. The bad flavor teaches the other chickens not to peck that wound. Good luck!
  2. fawkestheman
    thanks for answering!
  3. fawkestheman
    how long does this stay on? do u have any other ideas, my mom not too hip to the idea?
  4. Brookliner
    Don't get it in her eyes .
  5. Brookliner
    Get some bluekote spray from the feed store. Spray on all featherless areas. It should keep the other hens from pecking her and help to heal her. Warning wear rubber gloves when you spray and clothes you don't mind ruining as the bluekote stains and is hard to get off your skin. She will be blue until her feathers grow back. If it wears off just spray her again.

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