I designed and made this coop from the ground up i really enjoyed making it

i will start with a Video and then some pictures explaining it

The first thing was to make a Base from 4x2 timber. I layed Ply on the top of teh timber on coop area then the OSB Floor and then more ply on top (6mm) this was to water proof the floor from bottom and top

I made a run from 44x18mm wood and 1' Galv mesh screwed together in panels so it can be flat packed

The run has a door to go in and out and i also integrated a trough feeder made by me again

The nest boxes where made by removing section of the cladding on the back wall and making a frame first them screwing 12mm ply to it and giving me 6 sections. pleatny for my chicken

i also made a mesh ventilation for them which is in a perfect location

The automatic watering sytem goes all round teh coop and on teh run using 14mm OD and 10mm ID pipe and a large header tank

The inside of the coop has had section into it for diferent birds, 2 cock pens, a chick brooder and a broody hen pen

with 3 perches, 1 still needs to be added and a poop board

The broody pen abd chick brooder are at the back wall. The chick pen is wide enough for me to put a ecoglow20 chick brooder lamp into it and allow them to brood from day old

The Cockrel pens are 55cm high so large fowl should have no issues in there

the ramp and the perches are all removable so that i can open the door of the second cock pen and that worked out really well for me

Dunno what else to add or say here but im sure i have forgotten loads, I hope you have enjoyed my coop, its not the best or brilliant in any way but for me not only is it perfect but its was made by me and that makes me all the more proud of it. and my chicken love it