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  1. pettits37876
    So, back in early June, this little guy showed up in our yard. We have no idea where he came from.


    We didn't have a coop at first, so he was living in a patch of brush/trees where he felt safe.

    He would follow us around the yard whenever we were outside. Eventually, he started letting us feed him cracked corn right from our hands. Then, one day he let my daughter pick him up.

    So now he sleeps here at night (my daughters boyfriend built this coop for him.)

    As you can see, he's very social as well.



    He's started "singing" while I play guitar. He's fascinated with the noise. Herbert has made himself a part of our world and we're happy to have him around. I'm sure he's the first of many chickens to come.

    At first, we thought he was a Dominique, but now, we're pretty sure he's a Barred/Plymouth Rock. He's a friendly little guy. As soon as he sees us outside, he's right there with us just hanging out wherever we are. Again, we have no idea where he came from, but we're so happy to have him around.

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  1. ChickadeeRanch
    how do you make a article like this?
  2. Butthead1969
    Our Barred Rock rooster Ron, is very friendy.... He is 6 months old and takes really good care of his girls. Our son can hold Ron and the girls and they seem to be so relaxed. Our 9 girls and Ron really seem to enjoy having our kiddo around...
  3. Miracle Chick
    Your barred rock mix might get a bit testy once he's older and has a few hens around him. We were able to keep our barred rock male stay sweet towards us by pushing him off the hens whenever he tried to mount them right in front of us. (Apparently this was his way of testing his dominance against us.) When we consistently do this, he remains his usual sweetheart self.
    It sounds like you got him at the best age to start training him. Once they're full grown, they can be harder to get them to trust you.
    It is nice to see a family take in and care for a stray rooster like this. Herbert is one fortunate and blessed rooster!.
  4. Chickenfan4life
    What a lovely, sweet rooster, and a touching story. Congrats from Chickenfan4life!
  5. Miracle Chick
    As your barred rock gets a bit older, and aquires some hens, he might get a bit testy. We have a barred rock who was the 'runt' of a pack of six cockerels, and for the most part, he is still a sweetie towards everyone in our family. We have had to try and keep him from mounting the hens in front of us, as this is his way of challenging us for dominance. When we started doing this, his attitude went back to his old sweet self, and so far through the years, has remained sweet.
    I have heard that holding them and being around them at the age that you found him, is the best age to begin training them to be tame around you. If you wait till they're almost full grown, then it can be too late to get them to trust you like Herbert trusts you...
    It's neat to see a family take him into their home and hearts like you did. I'd say he's one blessed rooster!
  6. ChickInDelight
    I hope your neighbors love him too.
  7. scratch'n'peck
    Herbert came to the right place! Maybe you will get him a couple of hens soon.
  8. Terryfic
    I have one just like him, and a Buff Orpington too. They were supposed to be females as part of larger a chick order. I suspect someone in the same situation as mine let him go hoping he'd find a good home. Great outcome for that handsome fella!
  9. Chickmama74
    He is so cute! It is good that he found his way to your house!
  10. PNWGirl
    That is a pretty cool story!! Look forward to seeing what other birds you may get to keep him company :)
    Sheila :)

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