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  1. pettits37876
    So, back in early June, this little guy showed up in our yard. We have no idea where he came from.


    We didn't have a coop at first, so he was living in a patch of brush/trees where he felt safe.

    He would follow us around the yard whenever we were outside. Eventually, he started letting us feed him cracked corn right from our hands. Then, one day he let my daughter pick him up.

    So now he sleeps here at night (my daughters boyfriend built this coop for him.)

    As you can see, he's very social as well.



    He's started "singing" while I play guitar. He's fascinated with the noise. Herbert has made himself a part of our world and we're happy to have him around. I'm sure he's the first of many chickens to come.

    At first, we thought he was a Dominique, but now, we're pretty sure he's a Barred/Plymouth Rock. He's a friendly little guy. As soon as he sees us outside, he's right there with us just hanging out wherever we are. Again, we have no idea where he came from, but we're so happy to have him around.

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  1. reallynewatthis
    What a nice boy! I wonder where he wandered away from....
  2. JennyBean
    How adorable!! What a cool chicken. Looks like he found a great home. I loved this story and the photos. Thank you for sharing.
  3. HenFriend
    Wow, he's so cute. Glad he picked a good home.
  4. NanaArizona
    LOVE this story!!! :)
  5. marajo
    Love your story!
  6. NebsFarm
    He is really a nice looking bird, love chickens. He probably needs a few girl friends though LOL The female Barr Rocks are wonderful. Love the breed. Very social, first to come greet me when I go out to collect eggs.
  7. malorymug
    Love the picture of him looking upside down at the guitar! Absolutely precious!
  8. cutlerfam7
    That was so kind of you guys to take him in like that! Wonderful story!
  9. FowlmouthChick
    Herbert is great! I just LOVE stories like this. So glad he wandered into a yard that was happy to have him.
  10. Acefit411
    Very sweet!!! He chose you, and I would be very honored to have him living in my back yard :))
    Love and happiness to you both :D
  11. Amerraucana101
    Wow that is so cool. He is gorgeous.
  12. StacyTN
    awww - he's beautiful & his heart must have lead him to your yard. Now, he needs a few ladies to keep him company : )
  13. tracylo09
    What a handsome young man he is, you are very lucky, he's lovely
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  15. itsthelaw37801
    He is a barred rock and he's gorgeous. Nothing that good ever shows up at our house.
  16. LoveChickens123
    so cute i wish i had a chicken like that

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