Hillbilly ChicksI

I loved reading about your projects and especially enjoy your passion. I am still waiting to get my first chickens, etc but I expect I will be the same as you and “expand” my animal family. Great job!
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Absolutely love all the detailed information, especially the reasoning behind the changes to the original plans. It’s just as important to consider the “why” of changes as to detail them, and this article does both well. Highland Cattle are just so adorable too!!!
very cute indeed
I too have those coop instructions but was thinking it wasn't high enough.
This is a really nice chronicle of a really good build. I especially like the comments on how the builder modified the plans as the build progresses, and explained what was changed and why - like putting in two drop doors instead of the one outlined in the original plans. The link to those (free!) plans is a real bonus. It's a good article with good commentary, but my favorite part is where Chicken Math hits before the chicks even arrive!
:rofl: ;)
This is a good build article. Plans and a materials list would help others build one like it
Thanks! I don’t have any drafting software, but I’m adding a link to the plans I sort-of followed.
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