I live in sunny San Jose, California. I'm not a typical teenager. While most of the guys my age are playing video games all day, I have always loved being outdoors, horseback riding and having my hands in the dirt (along with the video games!). I keep a 6' by 20' vegetable garden where I plant all heirloom vegetables. The house I live in with my family has a side yard that measure 6' by 59', and it isn't being used. After reading an article in Sunset magazine, I really want to put chickens into that side yard! Some of my friends have chickens, and after seeing them, I'm hooked! However, my parents are a lot less on board with the idea than I am. I finally convinced my mom to say yes, but that still leaves my dad. He really doesn't want chickens. So I have to convince him now that chickens are the way to go. The wonderful people on the forum have been giving my tips, and once I get my plan for everything put together, I am going to try and sway my dad's opinion. Anyways...
I have been looking up breeds and hatcheries and coop plans and all kinds of stuff almost nonstop. In San Jose, you can have up to six hens in any residential zone without a permit. So I have finally narrowed down my huge list of wants to six heritage breeds:

  • 1 Ancona
  • 1 Australorp
  • 1 Barred Rock
  • 1 Exchequer Leghorn
  • 1 Speckled Sussex
  • 1 Golden Laced Wyanndotte
Anyways, I'm praying that God wills it for me to get chickens. Wish me luck,