I move d to Salem, OR about 4 months ago and I joined the organization c.i.t.y. about a month ago. City stands for chickens in the yard and they are fighting for city council to allow chickens and have been for about 4 years. I joined the group when somebody reported me for having chickens and I came to them for help. They gave me some ideas and I offered to give a speach at the next city council about some of the reasons to allow chickens.
If youre interested this is the speach I gave-

Honorable mayor and council members,

I strongly believe that chickens are a good and profitable addition to society. Some may say that chickens are a noisy, smelly nuisance, but really chickens are no more smelly and noisy than most neighborhood dogs. Whenever I go to my backyard my neighbor’s dogs raise a terrible ruckus, but has anybody outlawed dogs because of the smell and noise? No, because dogs are our loyal, lovable pets and chickens can be too. Some may say that if we allow chickens, there will be hoards of unwanted chickens roaming the streets. But how is that any different from stray dogs and cats? If we follow that logic NO pets should be allowed, is that what we want?

Chickens are hardy and tolerant of most weather, they can subsist on table scraps and bugs, they take up little space, require the simplest of housing, and fertilize the garden while they scratch through it. And if you want local, fresh, eggs, what could be more local and fresh than an egg laid by a hen that very day in your own backyard? Studies have found that chickens that are allowed to forage for their own food lay eggs with as much as half the cholesterol of a hen fed only feed. If you are worried about bugs killing your yard, chickens are the perfect solution. A hen loves nothing more than to gobble down a juicy grub or crunchy beetle; you will never need pest control again. Chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer and you can sell extra eggs at work to earn a little pocket money. Chickens are a very good investment.

My chickens have helped me through a lot of hard times. A chicken doesn’t care what you did, what you didn’t do, or why. It just wants to be loved and fed, and whatever you do, it will still love you.
Anyway, The speach went over very well at that meeting. Everybody was very impressed that a teenage girl was brave enough to speak at the council. The council decided to hold a public hearing on the matter and I was asked to do a speach. I did a speach on therapy chickens, and I worked very hard on it. I gave it last mondaysp and once again, it went over very well. The council voted to hold (just guessing here) a private hearing. What I mean is that the council will vote whether or not to allow chickens and nobody will be allowed to speak. Either that or there will be no audaince, I'm not sure.