How to break a Broody!

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  1. Nats Chickens
    Hi Guys! This article is all about breaking the stubbornest of broodies.
    Take1; Belle went clucky for the first time, was only about 8 months old, we moved ger to a day pen but locked her in the same coop at night. She soon got bored and gave up.
    Take2; Same as take one but took a bit longer.
    Take3; Belle went broody just before we left for a two week holiday. This time, when we got back, we decided to give her day old hatchedy chicks. She hated them so we completely isolated her and she was fixed after 3 days of this (?) So,, here are my rules in breaking a broody. (Also this all happened within a 7 month time period)
    1; Never let her have access to a nest (duh!)
    2; Let her hatch chicks!
    3; Isolate her in a light and airy pen with a wire floor for as long as it takes to break her.
    4; She will sit until her eggs hatch, not for 3 weeks. So never let her 'sit it out' or she could die!
    5; Make her get out and run around. If it's summet dump so water on her and drentch her underside, this puts her off.
    This is Belle, cluckiness expert.
    IMG_3755.JPG IMG_3756.JPG

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