~~How to carefully collect, clean spotlessly, and store your eggs~~

  1. ChickenLover200
    Welcome to my article. I love to write and i hope you enjoy reading this article as much as i enjoyed writing it.
    What will you read about in this article?
    1. How to collect your eggs
    2. How to clean your eggs
    3. How to store your eggs.
    This will be one of my shortest articles, as there is only simple information for newbies to chicken keeping.

    *How to Collect Eggs*

    Well, this may seem like a pretty common sense answer, but there is more to it than just picking up the eggs and taking them to your house.
    How do you collect your eggs?
    There are many ways to do so.
    ~you can use a wire or woven basket
    ~~your pockets(or hands) if you only have a few (there is a good chance of getting messy either way!)
    ~~~OR a plastic bucket
    There are probably many other ways of doing so which you can suggest in comments, or aay how YOU collect your eggs.
    How do I collect my eggs?
    I collect my eggs in a wire basket. There are two kinds of wire baskets i have seen used.
    1. A wire basket from a feed store auch as TSC. I have only seen these in the color red.
    2. A wire basket from the dollar store.
    I use #2, the wire basket from the dollar store. I have three and have had them for several years and they are VERY durable.
    Above: a picture of a wire basket from the dollar store. This basket is like the ones I use. Note: this is NOT my picture. It is from Google.com/images used as an example.

    Once you carefully place your eggs in whatever you use to carry them, you can take them to CLEAN them.

    **How to Clean Eggs**
    Where you choose to clean your eggs is totally your decision.
    One way that i have used for several years is wam water (not hot or cold)in the kitchen sink. I use a potato scrubber for more dirty eggs. For eggs not very dirty i just use a paper towel that is wet.
    You of course want to dry the eggs before you put them away.

    ***How to Store Eggs***

    Where do you store your eggs?
    ~before eggs are cleaned they can be stored in a moderate room temperature for up to a week.
    ~~after eggs are cleaned they must be refrigerated in a carton or egg tray. I just reuse cartons from store bought eggs. From my understanding, you should NOT reuse cartons when commercially selling eggs, which i can understand.

    What do you do when you have too many eggs to eat?
    Well, you can give them away OR you can sell them. Everyone loves fresh and clean eggs!

    Thanks for reading!
    ~*How do YOU collect, clean and store YOUR girls' eggs?
    Please share in the comments!*~

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