How to:

+ End feather picking:

Apply AloeVera to the area of feather picking. The "picker" will not like the taste that he/she gets when he/she picks a feather and will learn to stop (reapply every 3 days). If this does not work then make a mix of Vicks Vapor rub and Grape Juice Powder and rub over the area of feather picking, Same concept as before the "Picker" will not like the taste and will learn to stop ( Reapply every week) CAUTION: Both of these mixtures do NOT come out of feathers easily, but usually stop the picking. If neither of these methods work then I would recommend Culling the "Picker", If the problem is not taken care of immediately then the rest of your flock will learn of the bad habit.

EX. of feather picking: Great page:


+ Stop egg cannibalism:

Usually the Cannibal(s) will have yolk over there beaks after picking at an egg. Find the "Cannibal" and seperate him/her from the rest of the flock, you must make sure to take any eggs that the "Cannibal" lays or they will relearn the bad habit. If this does not work I would strongly recommend Culling, If not the other chickens will learn how delicious the eggs are and Start picking themselves.

EX: of egg cannibalism:


+Squishy egg shell:

When the egg shell is squishy it can be two things happening.

#1 the hen is new to laying and is getting the equation of the egg right.

#2 the hen is not getting enough calcium in her diet.

To fix #1 you just have to give her time, she will get it eventually. To fix #2 go to your local feed store and purchase some oyster shell and give her that, the oyster shell will give her the extra calcium she needs to finish the job.

Ex: of squishy egg: Great page: … lless-eggs



+ Egg Bound Hen:

Signs of an egg bound hen:

#1 The hen will spend extended times in the nesting boxes

#2 The hen will not want to walk very much because of the egg

#3 Feel around the chickens vent and see if there is anything hard in there ( it should be soft)

Chances are that if your chicken has 2 of the 3 (or just the 3rd one) then you have an egg bound hen.
A chicken being egg bound can be potentially life threatening, but there are ways of fixing it. The best way to fix and Egg bound hen is to prevent your hen from becoming egg bound, the best way to do this is to keep your bird healthy and not overweight.
If your hen does become egg bound then the first thing that you should do is seperate them from the rest of the flock and put them in a warm dark room ( the darkness will help the hen to relax and to slow egg production) Then you should submerge them ( up to there chest) in warm water for 30 min a day. Lubricate the hens vent with vaseline, always supply fresh water ( with vitamins in the water) and food. DO NOT TRY TO BREAK THE EGG!!! I have heard of so many people breaking the egg and just letting the chicken pass it, when you break the egg the shell cuts there insides up an infection begins ( when the egg is broken the chances of survival drop by 1/2)

Ex: of egg bound hen: Great page:



+How to keep your coop warm in the winter-

Here is a great page that I have found:


+ To show a EVIL rooster who is boss-

The best thing that I have learned to do to EVIL roosters is to show them who is boss.
If he will allow you to pick him up then grab him and flip him over on his back and pet him *( I know it sounds crazy but it works)* I have had many EVIL roosters and this has done the trick every time.
If he tries to pick at you while he is on his back then give him a hit on the head.

Another method I have learned is to get a squirt bottle and squirt him whenever he tries to attack you. Chickens are actually much smarter than what we give them credit for, he will learn very quickly.

Heres a page with lots of ways to stop your EVIL rooster.