Here are all of my beautiful, fun, amazing chickens.
2 of which are roosters, 9 are Hens and 1 is a who knows what?
Some info on what I do, 3 years
ago I was surfing the web looking at chicken pages when a chicken sanctuary came up and what I saw on there page killed me, there were pictures and discriptions of over 200 chickens and roosters that were saved and reabilitated at this organization. They had problems such as broken limbs, extreme amasiation (to thin), Different diseases, Excetrera... So I decided that I had the space and I was planning on becoming a vetarinarian ( good practice). So I began going around to humaine societys and taking all of the chickens that didnt have much time, and taking them in and caring and rehabilitating them.
I currently have 9 hens and 2 roosters ( all that I have room for) and I find them good homes then I go back to the humaine society and find a chicken to replace the one that was adopted. Here are some pictures.
Steadmon: Rooster , Black Silkie ( Oprahs BF)
Oprah: Hen , Black Silkie ( Steadmons GF)
Henriett: Rooster, Black polish White crested (Came with MaMa)
MaMa: Hen, Red sex link ( Came with Henriett)

Bobbie: Hen, Americana ( Came alone)
The Twins ( Ying & Yang): No info (Came together)
Negro: Hen, Black Sexlink ( Came with Blanco)
Blanco: Hen, White leghorn ( Came with Blanco)

Gypsy: Hen, silver laced Wyandotte ( came alone)
Black Ninja: Hen ( No info on)
More to come......

I encourage anyone interested in doing as I did to Educate themselves on chickens.
( None of the chickens are ready for adoption, if they are they will have a * by there name)