~How to clean your wire egg baskets~

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    Note: this is a supplement article to an article written by me, located HERE:

    this article is written from my own knowledge. I am sure there are MANY different ways out there to clean wire egg baskets. This is how I clean mine (from dollar store)
    I used to keep my baskets just inside the coop and they got REALLY messy. Now I keep them in feed containers where the hens can't get to them. Although they are kept clean by the shelter of the feed containers, they still need a cleaning every now and then.

    1. In the kitchen sink (what I use to wash eggs), I take my potato scrubber (specifically marked for scrubbing eggs ONLY) and just some dish soap (we use AJAX) onto the scrubber. You then wet it and scrub the basket. Rinse.
    2. Dry the basket
    3. This is optional... I only do this every week or so... for making sure they are definitely clean I use a Clorox disinfectant wipe. Just leave the "suds" from the wipe on there to dry, but don't put anywhere near the chickens or their feed till it is dry which shouldn't take too long.

    AND you are finished!
    The procedure is quite simple and anyone can really do it. For a photo of the baskets I use, go to the link copied and pasted above.

    ~*How do YOU clean YOUR egg baskets? Share in the comments!*~
    thanks for reading!

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