How to Edit your Signature,Profile, Avatar, ETC

  1. Book Em Danno25
    I know here on BYC there are alot of new members who want to spice up their profile and Signature, but don't know how. So I decided to make this!

    ~How to set your Avatar Pic in 3 easy steps~

    Step 1- Go to your profile

    Step 2-Locate the Replace Avatar button in blue directly under your avatar pic, which should look like this if you haven't changed it.Click on the button.
    Step 3-Click the Choose file button and find the pic that you want!!!

    ~Editing your Signature~

    In the right hand corner of the webpage it your username in bold. Place your mouse over that and many different choices will appear. Choose the Edit Signature one. You can add some quotes, Threads you started or some cool facts about you- anything you want to put there!!

    And, if you want, while you are in the Edit my Signature task bar, Under the word box is another option called Show off your Stuff.Under those words are a box with the words Show off stuff in your signature. there are 3 of those boxes. Click on the box and albums will show up of your and other people's threads. You can click on the one you like, and it will be in your signature. You can select up to 3, one for each box. Remember, you can change these things whenever you want to!! When you are satisfied, click the blue Preview button, then the Save button. There you have it!

    ~Editing your Profile~

    Go to your Profile. Then click the Edit community profile button. There you can edit your Location, Nickname and other stuff.

    If you want to edit your Account, click the button right next to the Edit Community Profile, called edit Account Details. you can edit what you get emails for,ETC. WHen you are done, just click save.

    There you have it, how to edit your Profile, Avatar Pic and Signature!!!

    If you have further Questions, PM me or leave the question in the comments section!

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