How To Humanly Put Down a Suffering Chick (FATAL DEFECTS ONLY)

By Ming Ming · Aug 4, 2017 · ·
  1. Ming Ming
    1. Make chick comfy and make sure this is last resort treatment
    2. you'll need a small container to fit chick and a small bowl and one with a lid that is air tight. And baking Soda and Vinegar
    3. place chick in container and small bowl
    4. pour baking soda in with vinegar and quickly close lid
    5. How does it work? by the gas, the chemical reaction releases it displaces the oxygen causing it to pass out like you would fall asleep and pass away.:hit:hit
    6. Presto! a pain-free and blood free passing. You've done the right thing. It would have been cruel to let it suffer with what ever fatal defect it had. What is a nonfatal defect? an undesirable feature, a defect that it could live with, an imperfection someone would not want breed into their flock. like scissor beak, wrong color or something like that. THAT IS CRUEL.:mad:
    7. please check your options if this is the case, humane society, Craig's list, there is always someone that wants him. :D upload_2017-8-4_16-3-47.jpeg upload_2017-8-4_16-4-38.jpeg

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  1. Ming Ming
    a good alternative?
    1. BantyChooks
      What is? Ether? Sorry, I'm feeling dense today, lol.
  2. BantyChooks
    I do not agree with using this method. This produces CO2 which basically kills by smothering. You might as well hold it under water. It replaces Oxygen in the lungs, producing a panic response if it's not done perfectly, and 'perfect' is tough to reproduce.

    Using CO or ether knocks the chick out extremely quickly and does the job better, IMO.
    1. Ming Ming
      Its better than most other methods.
    2. Ming Ming
      And is one of the most humane.
    3. BantyChooks
      To each their own. I still disagree and urge others reading this article to consider ether instead.
  3. 4 Georgia Hens
    Hopefully, I will never have to put a chick down, but if that is the case, I will definitely do this! Thank you!!
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