How to stop hawks for 30 cents

By BYCforlife · Sep 13, 2017 · ·
  1. BYCforlife
    I have seen many people talking about hawk problems. I recommend baler twine strung over the top of the run, but I never get any replies. I assume that people think, "Ha! The hawks can just dive through the holes."

    Not so. Have you seen hawks when they land? They spread their wings out to keep from hitting the ground. Baler twine is usually orange, or blue. The hawk can see it, and knows it can't spread its wings properly to land in the run.

    Here are my two methods of putting up baler twine:

    This method is cleaner, because it only attaches to the posts, not the chicken wire.

    This method is messier, because the string pulls on the wire. This, however, allows you to have smaller openings.

    I tried this because I lost a hen to a hawk. After that, I knew the hawk would come back until my chickens were all gone. My rooster was also a coward.
    After I set the twine up, I sat in the run petting some of my chickens. On the other side of the coop, I saw the shadow of a hawk as it swooped down. The chickens panicked, and one even jumped into my lap. All of my chickens were okay. The hawk was deterred, and my test was successful.

    This method is extremely cheap, and works very well for me. I hope you'll try it before buying netting or wire mesh, because it works very well!

    Thank you for reading.

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  1. Eelantha
    I've lost a hen to a hawk, have been looking up and down the Internet for weeks for a hardwire solution that would keep one out in the future without leaving the run roof a complicated mess to undo at fall due to upcoming winter storms, and I find this.

    ... You, my friend, have just proven that the simplest things are often the most useful and practical ones. I'm definitely noting your idea down for future use. Now I just have to convince the rest of my family that using these baler twines work just as well as putting hardware netting all over the run. I sense a few laughs coming xD

    Does normal string work, so long as it is red and flashy?
  2. Kenny_
    Super clever!
  3. Robin37
    Your method is tried and true so that's good enough for me :)
  4. artistazalea
    I'm going to try this if Hawks become our pest problem...right now it's racoons. :(
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    1. BYCforlife
      That's really too bad! I don't have raccoons where I live, but I can imagine what problems they can make. I hope everything works out for you! :)
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