Huge Brooder For Not So Many Chicks

By raygirl4386 · May 24, 2012 · ·
  1. raygirl4386
    Describe 'HUGE brooder!!! for not so many chicks' here, It started with 6 chicks i bought at our local chicken swap there were 4-4 week olds and 2-6 weeks old. they started out in a large plastic tub but soon they out grew that! with it still being cold outside we (i mean my husband) built a HUGE brooder. it is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 3 feet tall (not so good since i need a stool in and out of it, will have hubby cut it lower once no more chicks in it) the top opens up with 2 doors to get inside and clean or just play with chicks =) the only thing i would change about it, is i would have made it shorter like 2 feet high.


    the 6 babies who ALL turned out to be roos! =(
    but got 6 new ones in there now which are from a factory this time, heres to fingers crossed

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    The article needs more build details
  2. CCUK
    "Big brooder!"
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  1. raygirl4386
    i think my hubby would leave me if i got that many chicks =) i hatched eggs to this year and it looked so empty with 18 chicks LOL =)
  2. luvinmychickens
    Good luck to you! I got 6 from Meyer's Hatchery last year, but two of them ended up being roosters. Put them on craigslist and they were gone in a heartbeat! Ended up getting two hens afterwards. So currently, I have 6 hens.
  3. WasabiChicki
    Crossing my fingers for your new babes to all be hens! (Totally possible since all your others were roos) Good Luck!
    I say just get 20-40 more chicks to fill that brooder & your set! :)

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