March 21, 2011

I recieved 2 packages of eggs, all in good condition even though one got to travel with the USPS truck for the day. I put the eggs in the incubator late on the 19th, Sat. and everything has been pretty good. The temp is fluctuating a bit between 99 and 101. Last night when I turned the eggs I watched the temp to make sure it got back to a steady 99.5 and after about 30 minutes I went back to check on it and it was at something like 120!! I pray I didn't loose all the eggs. I don't know why it sprang up like that, but I am very glad I checked on it before I went to be. I ended up napping in the llliving room so I could check the eggs on and off until I was pretty sure it was going to stay around 99. I went to be at 3 AM.
This monring I had an idea, because I am sick and tired of worring about the eggs and constantly walking into the bedroom to check so I got our thermometer that reads inside and outside temps and put the outside sensor in the bator. Now I can just look up and see what it says. I also have the thermometer in the bator that it came with, one I bought at Walmart that is for an aquarium, and one I got some time back that is for reptiles. The one from Walmart never reads anything like the others, it is always 10 degree less.
I am so pissed about the heat wave last night.
I am sick about it and hope everything is alright since it is so early in the developement stage.

I have another shippment of eggs at the PO I will pick up today. The lady shipped them from Ohio on Friday... and they are here already. These are the pure breed light Sussex. I hope I have no more problems with this incuabator.

March 26, 2011;

After candling the eggs it appears many of them a viable and developing. One thing is that there are 2 eggs in the bunch that have developed a lot more than all of the others. Does this mean those 2 eggs were laid earlier than the rest? Or the others are not going to make it and should be that far along? Maybe the 2 eggs are just that much easier to see through? I don't know but I will find out as we go. Unfortunately one of the eggs from a hen I really liked looks to have air bubbles floating around in it. I think this will be detremental to the developement later on, but we will see.

April 12, 2011;
Well after weeks of fretting over the eggs I realize it wasn't worth it. The temp spike killed them all. Nothing even began to develope except in one egg. All the others were empty. I didn't even see bloodrings in them. Today I got rid of all the eggs from the first 2 shippments. After thinking on the temp spike I began to realize that the day I set the eggs, BJ had been out side working in his shop. With the shop power coming from the house it creates power surges in the house and I think I may have set the temp when the house was on a lull, then when he shut everything off from over there, the power drain came off and the bator spiked. Atleast that is the only thing i can think of.
I have six eggs left from the 10 light sussex shipped and they a due to hatch today.. it is now tonight. If these don't do anything I am going back to hatching "normally" ie: lay the eggs on the side, turn by hand and leave at least one trough full of water. There are many factors that could have affected my hatch. When I lived at the ranch I knew very little, had no PC or web to search and I had a 100% hatch rate. Now if I cna just remember what I did that time....