Hi out there in BYC Land!
I am creating this page to tell you about my Indian Runner Ducks.
I am raising them for my enjoyment, (they are fun to watch), they are excellent for eating and baking, and I hope to make a profit on the extras! For those who don't know it duck eggs are healthier for you than chicken. That means if you have allergies to chicken eggs you can eat duck eggs!

I've had people tell me that they have tried duck eggs and they had a strong flavor they didn't care for. My response to that is that they probably ate Muskovy or Peking, or some other breed of .... eggs. Runner Eggs have a mild flavor and creamy texture! Almost the same as chicken eggs only creamier. They are excellent for making/baking breads, cakes, ect.... You will have better tasting, and more moisture in your cakes, ect.... than if you use chicken eggs. Now don't get me wrong I like chicken eggs too. I have chickens as you can tell from some of my pictures. I enjoy them too! Somedays I eat chicken eggs for breakfast and some days I mix them up together! Sometimes scrambled, sometimes fried! They are always good.

Here are pictures of some of my runners:

In this 1st picture the teens are just milling around. . They have been raised with 6 African Grey Geese (they all hatched together) and one frizzled banty rooster that thinks he's a duck/goose! (He even tries to mate with the baby geese!)


In this picture you will see my adult runners, two baby geese and that banty rooster:) These adults are the parents to the teens and babies!


In this picture everyone has decided they want to go out in the pasture and see if I've put water in their favorite mud hole.


It's seista time for some of them!

A few of the baby runners! (Some were bashful and ran back into their house:)


And of course there are more in my incubators!