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  1. MiMis_Place
    Welcome to my swap/side swap page. [​IMG]

    I am open to most swaps. Just ask.

    I am open to swaps for certain breeds of hatching eggs. Will consider eggs other than what I have listed as being interested in.[​IMG]

    As things are traded off I will either remove them are mark them as gone.

    My home has pets. So, items will need to be cleaned by you as they may have smoke or pet odors that I don't smell. [​IMG]

    The types of things I'm interested in are....

    Hatching eggs from Showgirls and Silkies of any color, Indian Runner hatching eggs of any color but blue, Call Duck hatching eggs any color, and standard size Marans eggs of any color.

    I also love OLD costume jewelry! Especially the old costume jewelry with rhinestones of any color.

    Old coins and paper money.

    Wilton trivets. Old kitchen cooking items.

    Stuff to do with chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats.

    Things my grandkids might be interested in. Girl is 14, boy 13.

    Unusual things.... Old things.

    If you don't have these things let me know what you are willing to trade. I'm also open to off site trades.

    I will do side trades on eggs from my birds when available.

    I have bantam Chocolate Cochins, bantam Chocolate Orphingtons, I also have Indian Runner ducks. Several different colors of each breed but, they are all running together and there's no telling what color you will get.

    Allthough I have a Items for swap and a list for side swaps... I'm open to using items for swap in a side swap:)

    Items for swap:

    Two starts of Honeysuckle. (With some roots attached.) These will be wrapped in wet paper towels and placed in a gallon baggie. Just water every day for two weeks and they will be established. If they look like the've died after you plant them don't pull them. They will come back!

    Cryastal? Glass swan trinket holder. No chipps or cracks. 3.25" high X 3.5" long.

    Lenox Winking cat salt & pepper shakes. Meow box doesn't work:( otherwise in good condition.

    Vintage Hostess mold kit with instructions.

    New out of the package 12 shower curtain holders.

    "Berenguer" doll. Great condition. Not sure if original outfit. Side trade.
    1965 "Vogue" doll. Excellent condition and original outfit. 2' tall. Side trade.
    Vintage Cypress wood clock. Will need a new clock installed. Is about 2' long! Side trade.

    Vintage lipstick/candle holder. You decide. No chips. Flower in center comes out. I'm not sure that it actually goes to it. That's just the way I received it. It also needs to be cleaned sorry. I'm usually outside with chickens and ducks.




    Lot of 4 Vintage dolls.... eyes work:) This doll needs her head re-strung.

    This doll needs her head and arms re-strung. Her eyes do not open and close.

    This doll is slightly smaller than the other 3 and her eyes do not open and close.

    This dolls eyes work:)

    Items owed to me:

    Side swap of Dirty Old Man to NEK38583 (3/13/2013) in exchange for some silkie eggs when they start laying:) STILL WAITING ON THESE EGGS:(

    clousert owes me 6+ Call duck eggs for a swap on What Ya Got to Swap on July 31st 2014. We also are doing a side swap for extra Call duck eggs. I sent 17 Choc. Cochin & Choc. Orp. (both breeds are bantams). Just waiting now:)

    rbaker0345 owes me 6 Silkie/Sizzle eggs along with a few Muscovy duck eggs for hatching for a swap I claimed on the Waterfowl Egg Swap on Aug. 4th, 2014.

    Items I owe: Please let me know when you recieve your item so I can remove you from this list.

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  1. emvickrey
    Cool stuff. I'll be stalking too.
  2. SonRise Silkies
    Cool stuff! I too will be stalking your page!
  3. MNShepherdess
    I'm going to be stalking the page now waiting for my opportunity to pounce on that chicken planter/pencil holder. Will look GREAT with my vintage lamb desk lamp :D
  4. MiMis_Place
    Thanks. I tried what you said without any luck. I highlighted the pics, right clicked, and clicked on cut and it worked.
  5. MNShepherdess
    Click the picture, and press delete. Otherwise you should just be able to click in front of it as if you were writing and hit backspace :)
  6. maybejoey
    Checked the swap page too late. The rooster pitcher is gone, Great stuff. :)
  7. CapricornFarm
    I like the rooster pitcher :) Deb

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