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    INDIANA BYCers Members' List, Events, Topics & Links

    Welcome! ~ About Our Indiana Thread
    (Click image to view pdf and to access the links)

    Members' List​

    It's a great resource for finding out about breeders near you!
    Also see the Google Map of our Indiana BYCers at the bottom of this page​

    The BYC Indiana Thread​

    Established by Janet (@jchny2000 ) December 2012
    To read the thread from the beginning:

    Indiana BYC'ers Here

    Our INDIANA BYCers Members, Events, Topics & Links page is a resource for sharing information
    and experiences. Two of us are currently working on adding, editing, and improving this page.
    If you are familiar with adding info to a spreadsheet or using google docs, we need your help!
    To occasionally volunteer with updating our Indiana page or if you have information to add
    (poultry shows, seminars, or other events), please message @Mother2Hens . Thank you!​

    Topics listed below below are linked to posts
    written by BYC Indiana members. You can
    find additional posts by clicking on "Search
    This Thread" located at the top of each page
    of our Indiana Thread.

    Chicken Health & Safety*
    Clipping Rooster Spurs & More Spurs Info
    Worming Medicine/Dosing Info
    Round Worm Treatment
    Wry Neck (Torticollis)
    Chicken First Aid Kit
    Homemade Frostbite Ointment
    Indiana State Poultry Association-Biosecurity Tips
    Indiana's Free Flock Test Program
    Quarantining Chickens - Article
    Treating Bumblefoot, Dosing Update
    Keeping Chickens cool in summer
    Preventing mites in chicken feed
    Treating an impacted crop
    Keeping chickens warm in winter - or not?
    NPIP testing good points
    Swap Meets & Biosecurity
    Chicken First Aid Kit
    *Health Care Disclaimer
    Please remember that Indiana thread members are not avian health care professionals. We can learn from each other's real-life experiences, but we also recommend consulting online sources from reputable sites. Additionally, it's helpful to own a book solely about chicken health issues for quick reference. After reading information, it's up to you to determine what to do next, whether you want to try a remedy or consult with an avian veterinarian first. Please note Purdue's link and phone number listed above.


    Chicken Ordinances
    Letter Example 1
    Letter Example 2
    Letter Example 3


    Chicken Therapy

    Stress Reducers
    Relaxing to Watch
    Friends of Elders

    Building Your Own Chicken Coop/Run

    Bedding for runs & coops
    Chicken Feed Info
    Burlap Bag Sprouting
    Step by Step Fermented Feed Instructions with Pictures
    Fermented Feed Tips
    Treadles, Waterers and Feeders
    Duck Coop Plans
    Electricity in the Coop
    9'x3'x3' Coop and Run for less than $250
    Separating your flock within the run


    Incubating & Hatching Chicks

    Step by Step Guide to Assisted Hatching
    Hatching Eggs 101​

    Incubating and Hatching Muscovy Eggs​


    Raising Turkeys and Meat Birds

    Freezing Eggs for Later Use
    Processing Chickens Video
    Processing Chickens
    Processing Quail


    Common Chicken Predators

    Deterring Hawks
    Buying Tips for LGD or Deterrent Dogs
    Weasel attack/recovery
    Predator Chart
    Indiana DNR: Nuisance Wildlife


    Growing your own Garden

    Indiana Beekeeping School and Association
    Indiana BYCers Map!
    Check out where your fellow Indiana BYC'ers are at and also places you may want to visit like feed stores, swap meets and more! You can save the map to your places and even add yourself so we know where to find you!

    How to edit the map:
    1) Log into your Gmail or Google account. Visit the
    INDIANA BYC'ers map.
    2) You will see the state of Indiana. Zoom in to where you live and then click on the red button that says Edit.
    3) After you click Edit you will see a hand, blue pin point and a zig zag line on the map (this make take a couple seconds to load).
    4) Click the pin point and drag it to where you live on the map.
    5) After you have placed your pin point then click on it and you can edit your description by adding your county.
    6) If you want to change your blue pin point to another icon or upload your own then up on the right of that box click the pin point icon and choose others or upload your own icon.
    in a larger map

    Indiana BYC'ers Chicken Event Calendar


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    I am retired early to take care of my 80+yr old parents full time. Both heart and diabetes patients, Moms a cancer survivor as well. DH and I sold our home, and built on an "1800 SQ FT addition" onto their home to have privacy but allow immediate care when needed.
    5 acres here, and very lush, healthy green former pasture. My SIL asked me one day, do you want chickens? I blurted out YES and my DH about fainted! From there we have evolved to a working farm.


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  1. jchny2000
    Love how our member page is looking, awesome job @atrueb00 !
  2. ellymayRans
    Looking great guys! I should visit our link more often!
  3. atrueb00
    Are you logged into Google/Gmail? You'll need to be logged in for the Edit button to show up.
  4. Leahs Mom
    On the map above the directions say to click on the red button that says edit. I don't see an edit button.
  5. jchny2000
    Cheryl, I added you as a contributor to this page also!
  6. CRSelvey
    I'm pretty familiar with spreadsheets and such. I wouldn't mind helping out whenever needed.
  7. jchny2000
    hi guys, please PM me, cluckacres, bwindell ot M2H so we can be sure to get you added. thanks oldrooster we will get the link fixed.
  8. oldrooster
    abbrivation link is broken
  9. chickentender1
    My sister-in-law and I are looking for BYC folks near Columbia City, Churubusco area where we could visit your operations and ask questions as she plans her coop , brooder, and nesting areas. ( Like how do you insulate and so many other things.)
  10. ellymayRans
    O and maybe it would be easier for newbies to list out mine...instead of BCM list as Black Copper Marans.
    BCM = Black Copper Marans; GCM = Golden Cuckoo Marans; SLW = Silver Laced Wyandotte; SF = Salmon Faverolles; BA = Black Australorp.. ooops and noticed I left out the Blue Copper Marans
  11. ellymayRans
    Would someone mind updating our members list for me? I have added Naked Necks to my flock. Also all are LF except the silkies, sizzles and cochins are all bantam. Thanks!! Great Job on all the work you do here!
  12. Birdylady3
    Thanks bwindell
  13. bwindell
    We will list any type of bird. I'll get you added asap.
  14. Birdylady3
    I only have Ringneck doves, diamond doves and parakeets for now. Can you list these or does it have to be chickens, ducks or peafowl?
  15. CluckAcres
    And it can only get better.
  16. bwindell
    Very informative page!!
  17. jchny2000
    YES!!! love the Ligonier swap meet!!! I will be going, sounds awesome!

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