Local Chicken Resources
After having chickens for over 2 years in Indianapolis, I have been on the search for chicken items. Not only chicken items, but chicken items that are priced reasonably & are easy (for the most part
) to navigate. Also, in this chicken quest, I have become very aware & active in finding local, non-factory farm, organic-ish items



Oyster Shell

Black Sunflower Seeds

Also, in this chicken quest, I have become more active and aware of where my family's food comes from. If I can't pronounce it, why do I want to eat it? Or allow my 8 & 4yr old to put it into their bodies, not knowing the consequences? I have over the several past months, searched and found valuable and informative resources & will share what I can!

Raw Milk & Dairy Products

Organic Milk & Dairy Products

Organic/Local/Grass-fed Beef

Local Pork (pigs acting like pigs)