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    My Girls from IDEAL Hatchery(and a few roos)

    I have seen several posts recently in regards to examples of different hatchery chickens. I know some prefer a private breeder, but in my opinion, to each is own. I live in a suburban/urban area and need the option of sexing my chicks. I have ordered from Ideal the past two years, the same amount of time I've been enjoying my chickens!!! I have been pleased with them as a hatchery, always my chicks have been healthy, happy and survived the trip from Texas to Indiana in mid-March. I will continue to order from them (although I plan on ordering some meaties from Welp) in the future [​IMG]

    Ideal Hatchery 2009

    Barred Rocks--(2)

    Additional Info: Both are very friendly and lay large eggs consistently


    Black Australorps--(2)

    Addtional Info: 2nd year; one has been in a molt for 8 months and the other is broody as all get out [​IMG]


    Easter Eggers--(2)

    Additional Info: Both are a little flighty, one lays brown and the other one just started laying this March, @ least its green!


    Gold Sex-Link, Gold Comet--(2)

    Additional Info: Both have docile personalties and are super-layers


    Silver-Laced Wyandotte--(2)

    Additional Info: Both are the "alphas" of the flock. Okay layers, smaller eggs, rose-combs are nice for the winter


    Ideal Hatchery 2010

    Black Sex-Link--(4)

    Additional Info: Early, consistent layers. Very vocal & friendly


    Speckled Sussex--(3)

    Additional Info: These are the most friendliest chickens I have ever owned! They follow you around like puppy-dogs & are fearless. Definitely ordering some more next year [​IMG]



    Additional Info: The "alphas" of the group. They are laying some very terra-cotta like eggs...need pics!


    White Rock--(4)

    Additional Info: Like to "fly under the radar." Average laying (so far).


    Mille Fleur D'uccle--(3)

    Addtional Info: Ordered 6 total, received; 3 girls & 3 boys. Very pretty [​IMG]


    Buff Silkies--(3)

    Additional Info: Ordered 6 total, received; 3 girls & 3 boys. Pretty decent silkies, kept the ugliest roo [​IMG]


    Cornish X

    Additional Info: See my Cornish Page to see the stats from each batch!


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