[FONT=verdana,geneva]Hi!! My name is Renee and I live in Northeast Alabama near Huntsville, Alabama. We have a small place with chickens, turkeys, a few goats and a couple of dogs. I joined BYC because I love my chickens. My hubby wanted turkeys--I thought he was nuts!! I never would have expected to enjoy my turkeys as much as I have. The bourbon reds and royal palms are my favorite while he likes the Bronze the best. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. I really enjoy taking them!![/FONT]
Here are some pictures of my Bantam Cochins. I currently have 2 separate pens of these wonderful little bantams. One is a pen of BBS with a Splash roo, 2 blue hens and a mottled frizzle hens and in the other pen I have a pair of Columbian Cochins with a couple of Birchen hens. My birchens produce columbian chicks and I was told that if I put my Columbian roo in with my hens that I would not only get both color chicks but it would improve the silver lacing on my hens. I have been doing this but with the birchen it takes a while for the silver lacing to develop therefore I am still waiting to see the results. At least I am getting a lot more columbian chicks this way!!!
Columbian Roo with Columbian hen and Silver Birchen Hens

Silver Birchen Hen

Splash Cochin Rooster

One of my favorites are my BBS Polish. They are soo goofy looking and the chicks are just adorable. A lot of people say the Polish are too flighty. Mine are not--they will come to me and follow me around just like the cochins. The polish get scared easier and faster then the cochins but I think it is because they have problems seeing. They are very comical birds. I will add chick pics when I get some more hatched! I always forget to take them while they are little.

White Crested Blue Polish Hens

White Crested Black Polish Roo