[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have decided to put my Silkies and Sizzles on their own page. I did not want too many pictures on one page and since Sizzles are bred from Silkies I felt they belonged on the same page.[/FONT]
I have BBS Silkies. My roo is blue and he is in with 1 black hen and 1 blue hen. I have been slacking on my pictures and I have not taken any yet--I will try to get that done soon.
Here are my BBS Sizzles. I really enjoy these little birds. They are very calm and sweet chickens. They are a cross between silkie and frizzled cochins. My Sizzles came from Jimnjay who has done an incredible job of selectively breeding to produce adorable birds. They are a work in progress and when breeding these little guys you can get several different types of feather. Chicks can hatch with smooth feathers, frizzled feathes, silkie feathers and frizzled silkied. Here are a couple of pics of my Sizzles.
This is my Frizzled Splash Sizzle roo-


Blue Frizzled Hen and Smooth Splash Hen

Frizzled Sizzle Hen next to a smooth feathered Cochin Roo