Jared's Sloped Coop!

By JaredCrue · Nov 24, 2016 · Updated Nov 28, 2016 · ·
  1. JaredCrue
    I wanted chickens for several years, but didn't start the process until a couple of years ago.

    I started researching online, and I found this wonderful site.
    Over the course of a summer, I built the coop; using materials my Dad brought home from work.
    I usually worked on the coop at night, with music, and beer. (What could be better? [​IMG] )

    The coop was built in the garage, thus the ability to build at night.

    Moving the coop, once it was finished was the hardest part.
    Those lawn mower wheels were used beyond their capacity and failed. lol

    Caution, if you like builds to be squared, this isn't one of them.
    Sorry about the blurry photos...


    The coop has four doors:
    -Pop door: Sliding door that lets chickens enter the run.
    -Nesting Box Door/ Storage: Extra tall door with the ability for ventilation.
    -Feed Door: Swings down and creates a platform. The chickens like to jump on it to get petted. [​IMG]It also has the ability for ventilation.

    -The Cleaning/ Maintenance Door: The largest door, I could enter the coop.

    The coop has three windows:
    -Two open windows, covered with chicken wire and hardware cloth, they can be covered with inserts, or feed bags.
    -One Plexiglas window over the pop door to provide natural light.

    Little chicks in their new home. They outgrew the brooder.

    Skipping ahead...
    I have 6 happy, egg laying chickens.
    The coop is entering it's second winter.
    First for the chickens.

    There are still things to work on:
    -De-muddifying the run.
    -Roost may need to be moved.

    Happy Trails. :)

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  1. purslanegarden
    I used straw in my run. It helps a lot. Of course, now you have wet straw, but at least it's not as much wet mud. Well, it's still mud under the straw, but at least we don't see it. However, if it's really muddy, maybe there is too much water for the chickens' needs.
  2. JaredCrue
  3. TwinsLoveChicks

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